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Getting Free Platinum Course by Sharing

Author:TalkingLearn                 Category:Support

Time:2015-08-19 14:20:27

The wonderful App, Talkinglearn, has been widely acclaimed for its convenience and efficiency by most of learners. But we never stop improving and getting better.

Share “Talkinglearn” to your friends, you will get free platinum course for 15 days!

Now, let me show you how to get this free welfare.

Step 1.

Log in to your account, clicking the menu bar on the top left, choose “More”.

Step 2.

And then, you will see the striking item which is also you always wanted,

“Get free platinum course”.

Step 3.

Alright, click it without hesitating, you will be required to put in your friends’ email address whose you want to share Talkinglearn to. Put in one or more are both okay, and then submit your recommendations. That’s totally what we need you to do. Then, just wait for your friends’ responding. If others  register successfully, you have absolutely got free platinum for 15 days, which offers you a great deal of resource to learn Chinese! Right! Every successful registered account brings you 15 days!


Now, here comes the question.

“How do I check if my friend has signed up successfully or not?”

Good point!

On the right of your screen, you can see your Notification Center. You are able to check every notice in it, including your friend’s respond.

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