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Frequently Asked Questions

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Time:2015-08-18 12:08:57

Frequently Asked Questions


1Why should I choose Talkinglearn?

Mandarin is “too hard” to learn, right? Let alone that you are not in China or even you are in China but you feel embarrassed to talk in Chinese. On the basic of this situation, you are lucky to meet Talkinglearn.  "TalkingLearn - Learn Chinese" is your best training partner for learners to listen to, speak, read and write Chinese. It’s dedicated to helping busy people make full use of fragmented time. 

By using highly advanced voice recognition technology, Talkinglearn can grade you on pronunctaiation and intonation realistically. The effect is like a training partner that is always at your side and can remind you of the correct pronunciation and intonation when needed. 

2What is the advantage of Talkinglearn?

Amidst this technology a wide range of courses are at your disposal to ease your journey in learning Chinese. 

The selection of courses are chosen from daily life. They are ranging from Living, Business, Traveling, Entertainment, and Early childhood.

Each course includes new vocabulary, dialogues and practice all with the aim of progressing your Chinese level from beginner to master.     

For learning a language, it’s not very wise that just learn Chinese without opening your mouth. So voice recognition technology is used in Talkinglearn, which is devoted to improve your listening and speaking.

What’s more, we have had boundary targeted exercise for different levels. Learners need to enhance what they have learned.   Along side these helpful courses, “TalkingLearn – Learn Chinese” also offers courses to aid in taking all levels of renowned HSK test. 

3How do I start to learn without any knowledge of Chinese?

As long as you want to learn, there must be a way, in my opinion. First of all, you can start with Pinyin, which can be found in our website. With this Pinyin Chat, you are capable to recognize Pinyin and learn to say it. When you are familiar with pinyin, it’s time to focus on words and sentence building. The more words you accumulate, the more confident you are when talking in Chinese. All you need is your passion and persistence.

4Who is Talkinglearn for?

Millions of people are studying Mandarin Chinese as a second language."TalkingLearn - Learn Chinese" is one of the interesting apps for learning Chinese, which is specially developed for people who are studying and practicing Chinese. 

Businessmen - Business people who speak Mandarin have a huge advantage in tapping into the Chinese market. It is much easier to develop relationships if you can speak Mandarin.

Traveler – China is a big country abounding in natural wealth. Tourism is well developed now. Traveling around is much easier if you can speak Mandarin.

Culture lover- With thousands of years of history, Chinese culture is endlessly fascinating. Whether you are interested in history, architecture, or cuisine, you will not be disappointed after learning Chinese.

 Common people – our content, no matter words, sentences or phrases are chosen from daily life. Being familiar with such content helps learners in daily using.



5How can I get platinum lessons for free?


By clicking the Platinum lesson you want to learn, you will be reminded by Talkinglearn:

    You only need to click the “Apply for free reading” button, and then you will be led to new page, where it’s very easy to share the free content to other websites such as Facebook, Twitter and more…



Choose a website to share it.



After sharing, you can see our page turns to be like this:

Go back to the website you shared and log in your account. Copy the website address and paste it in the box named “Shared Link” and then submit it.


After a little while, please check your account, you will find that you have got the free reading for Platinum lessons for 3 days.


The easier way to share our Talkinglearn page is to pss the top right corner, and follow the guidance to share it successfully.


You can share as many times as you want to get more days for free learning.

Sharing is a great method for you getting more free lessons and spading knowledge and culture for others. We are very glad to see not only you learning more Chinese but also more people reaching Chinese. We are also appciated for your help.


6What can I learn without buying a subscription?

We are so glad to see that so many people have the passions to Chinese and no learner should be refused. So it’s our pleasure to provide learners free content to learn Chinese. Daily Chinese is what we are proud of, which is as accessible as possible for all of learners. We keep updating content of Daily Chinese every each day. With this Daily Chinese, learners are able to listen, read and learn many words and sentences as soon as possible. Pinyin, Tone, Chinese Character are all available for you freely. 

Besides, you are also able to learn some of other content such us reading the articles about Chinese culture, learning the basic words and expssions.


7How to subscribe platinum lessons

Click any Platinum lessons, you will be reminded to upgrade for access or apply for free reading. Talkinglearn offers you free reading for three days if you apply for it. But if you’d like to purchase, just click Upgrade for access button, and then click purchase. You will see the details of your bill and pay by Paypal or credit cards.  



8How do I go over those words and sentence I have learned?

Click your account on the top right, you are getting into your profile where you can see details and learning trace. Click anything you have learned and you want to check and go over.

9How do I add a piece of content to Favorites? And where can I check it?

You can add the content you like to Favorite by hitting the button "Add to Favorites." And then you can check it in your profile.


10What exercise can I get in Talkinglearn?

Oral practice

In Daily Chinese, every user can practice the intraday sentence by sound-recording. Vocabulary Practice is also available for you.

In word exercise, substantial practice such as pinyin writing, Chinese Character recognition and tone discerning aim at enhancing your learning.

In sentence exercise, Talkinglearn developed two activities.

The first activity is “Match up” in this activity you will need to match the Chinese to its English translation by listening to the voice recording of the Chinese.

The second activity “Reorder” is to put the sentence into the correct order by hearing the sentence in Chinese.

This action may be repeated as many times as necessary.


11How to set my practice times?

In Talkinglearn app, by clicking top left, you can see the page of “More…” clicking the “settings” button, you are able to change your practice times for Daily Chinese. In Talkinglearn app, by clicking top left, you can see the page of “More…” clicking the “settings” button, you are able to change your practice times for Daily Chinese.

12What’s the E-books for?

E-books are consist of many Chinese old stories.  You can learn Chinese basic words and sentences from our Chinese eBooks which are with pictures and audios from native Chinese speakers. You are not only learning words or sentences, you are touching Chinese culture simultaneously.

By listening to recording and reading sentence, learning Chinese can be more interesting.

13HSK learning

 In HSK column, users can learn Chinese words in different HSK levels. It shows you Chinese characters with their Pinyin and English translations. You can listen to the recording, practice the pronunciation and think of the meaning, and then click to look.

After you learned the all of the words in this page, you can click “word list” to do further practice. Just drag the right items to the left items correspondingly as you think and then submit your work. Automatically, Talkinglearn checks your work. Practice as many times as you need. The left items can be switched into showing Chinese, Pinyin, and hide text as needed. The aim of HSK column is mainly for building and enhancing learners’ vocabulary.


14How does Daily Chinese work?

  There are many ways available to you for registration as long as you are eager to learn Chinese. After logging in, you’ll see displayed a more clear, direct and convenient page than any other Chinese learning app out there. By hitting “play”, you will hear the native and clear Chinese of this sentence. After listening several times, you may want to try to practice the sentence.

    Clicking “I want to practice”, it shows you a clear box. What you need to do is to pss the microphone, and then speak. You can only release the button after you finish speaking. And then submit your voice. The app will give you a realistic score automatically, which later will be shown on the ranking list. 

Daily Chinese allows you to have complete freedom to review your lessons if you wish to go back to pvious content.  


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