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天南地北话春节( The Spring Festival in differen places)

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Time:2014-12-24 15:15:32

 The Spring Festival in Beijing  

       In Beijing, the Spring Festival usually starts from the beginning of lunar December when is the coldest time in the whole year. On the 8th of December, every family cooks the special porridge that concludes many kinds of nuts and dried fruit. What’s more, people also make sour garlic. They put the garlic into vinegar and then seal it up to the New Year’s Eve. Eating dumplings with such tasty sauce at the New Year’s dinner enjoy both color and tasting, which just make people to eat more dumplings.       

The Old City Temple

     In ancient Chinese culture, “Cheng” and “Huang” were considered as the city defense tools. People thought that there is a God in the old temple who could protect their families and harvest. The Old City Temple (in China, its pronunciation is “Cheng Huang miao”) repsents the old history and tradition of Shanghai, which is also a symbol of Shanghai local culture. The Festival temple kermis, as a typical tourist place, was developed from the temple market for many years, which now includes many aspects of culture, such as religion, commerce, customs, and spirits.

 The Lantern Market in Shanghai Yuyuan Garden

      Yuyuan Garden is the largest of Shanghai's ancient gardens with Ming and Qing architectural styles. The garden has six areas, each with its own style. Stroll around the lantern market in Shanghai Yuyuan Garden is one of the most important activities in the Spring Festival. Generally speaking, Yuyuan Garden is the most renowned embodiment of Chinese culture and it deserves the jollification and attraction from the 1st of lunar January to the 18th of January. Near the garden, there is the Old City Temple, where several of local snack shops and streets are scattered around. 

The Spring Festival in Guangdong

People in Guangdong have to buy a kumquat and a narcissus or a peach blossom tree when the Spring Festival comes. Veritably, they cut the whole tree and buy it. Peach blossom tree to Guangdong people is like Christmas tree to western people. People in local Guangdong, not only the graceful but also the vulgar, focus on peach blossom tree with great passion.

“Lion Dancing” in Guangdong is different from other provinces in China. It’s called ‘Xingshi’ in Chinese which is distinctive in both making ways and dancing ways. Except from dancing in the special stage, lion dancing also performs on the street to show the auspicious omen. Dragon dance is another famous activity in Guangdong, because dragon is regarded as the mascot as well. The dragon dance has diversified models and forms. The Dragon Dance, accordingly, has been elevated from asking for God to expss people’s courage, pride and wisdom.   

 The Spring Festival in Hongkong 

   Hongkong Festival is the product of combination of Chinese and western, which not only keeps Chinese traditional culture but also assimilates western culture. On the New Year’s Eve, many people will go to the Wong Tai Sin Temple to compete the first joss stick and to py for a good fortune in the next year. It is indispensable for a family to have dinner together on New Year’s Eve. People in Hongkong eat Tangyuan in New Year’s dinner, which are different from people in the North of China who eat dumplings. Tangyuan means reunion in China according to its pronunciation. In the morning of 1st of January on the lunar calendar, the whole family will go to tea shops to have tea. Some of them dress Tang suit and speak “happy New Year” or “May you be happy and prosperous” to each other. Every family ppares a box that has many snacks inside such as candies, peanuts, almond, melon-seeds and so on. Setting off the firework and lighting firecrackers are not allowed in Hongkong. But the fireworks setting-off is performed in Victoria Harbor where the whole Hongkong people can watch on the second night of January on the lunar calendar, which has become the renown activity in Spring Festival in Hongkong for decades.

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