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元宵节(The Festival of Lanterns)

Author:TalkingLearn                 Category:Culture

Time:2014-12-25 16:39:29

The Festival of Lanterns takes place at the end of the Chinese New Year Celebration, on the 15th of the first moon, a traditional festival which started from Qing Dynasty in 2000 years ago. This is the first full moon of the New Year, symbolizing unity and perfection. Lantern Festival is an important part of Spring Festival, and marks another climax of Spring Festivaland the official end of the long holiday.

Eating yuanxiao (sweet dumplings made with glutinous rice flour) is one of the special traditions of Lantern Festival. Another name for yuanxiao is tangyuan, which literally means "boiled spheres." They can be filled and served as a sweet snack. The round shape of the dumpling is a symbol of wholeness, completeness and unity.

At night, People walk through the streets hanging with colorful lanterns to watch the dragon dancing and guess lantern riddles, which has become the custom of The Festival of Lanterns


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