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除夕(New Year's Eve)

Author:TalkingLearn                 Category:Culture

Time:2014-12-25 09:39:04

New Year's Eve is the last night of the whole year and also the pvious night of the New Year, which is one of the most important festivals. Every family is busy to clean the house and welcome family members who work out of hometown coming back.

In New Year’s Eve, Chinese family often get together to spend the whole night. They often have the New Year’s dinner together, and celebrate the New Year in their ways. After enjoying the New Year’s dinner, the family seat on the sofa and watch the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.Since New Year’s Eve comes, the sound of firecrackers will not disappear. Playing firecrackers is a necessary custom in the New Year’s Eve. There is a legend about firecrackers. Long time ago, a monster called Nian (means year) who always attacked the people and livestock in the village in the New Years Eve. The villagers had no idea to deal with the monster. They became very fearful and lived in danger. Until one day, a clever man invented an arm called firecracker. In the New Year’s Eve, he used firecrackers to defeat the Nian monster. In order to commemorate the man and his glory deeds, people play firecrackers and eat Nian cake every New Year ’s Eve. Nian cake, also called New Year cake, stands for Nian monster. Eating New Year’s cake means “we will live a better and better life yearly”. 

We stay up all the night on New Year’s Eve. That’s a custom as well. But the children are drove to sleep because they want to gain New Year money gift. The New Year money should be given to children on New Year’s Eve and pss under the children’s pillow for a whole night.

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