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春节(The Spring Festival)

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Time:2014-12-24 14:09:29

 The Spring Festival customs

The Spring Festival is also called the Chinese New Year. Every family ppares the special purchase for the Spring Festival which includes abundant duck, fish, pork, tea, alcohol, edible oil and soy sauce and so on. Parents will also buy their kids new clothes and new hats to wear for the New Year.

 The first custom of Spring Festival---              “Watch Night”

It means to stay up late or all night on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year’s coming. The staying up custom is not only for the farewell of passing years but also for the hopes of the coming year.

The second custom of Spring Festival--- sticking couplets and window paper-cut

Spring festival couplets are famous because people stick them on the 30th of Lunar December and remain them to the whole Spring Festival. In folk life, people like to stick several kinds of paper-cut on the window for decoration as well. Paper-cut is a diffusive art in folk life, which has been spading for thousands of years. It is called window paper-cat because it’s always stick on the window.

The third custom of Spring Festival--- burning firecrackers

Lighting fireworks was once the most typical custom on the Spring Festival. Legendary, there was an animal, named Year, who came on every 30th night of December in the lunar calendar and brought people bad luck. People burned firecrackers to scare this fearful animal away. People thought the spluttering sound could help to drive away the evil spirits. This custom was passed down generation to generation and became the custom that also brings the festive in Spring Festival.  

The forth custom of Spring Festival---paying New Year Visit

There is an important activity ---to visit families and friends to wish them a happy New Year, which is called New Year Visit. It started from Han dynasty. Juniors should go to visit the elder to wish them health and happiness. And the elder should give juniors money as the New Year’s gift.

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