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TalkingLearn Learn Chinese
Your best spoken language training partner!
"Learn Chinese by TalkingLearn"
An easy but robust app of "TalkingLearn" series, is specially developed for people who are studying and practicing Chinese.

Courses ranging from:
● Living ● Business ● Traveling ● Entertainment ● Early childhood

Articles about Chinese culture, e-books of Chinese old stories, HSK levels practice…., to be honest, they are all awesome.

It can be your best language training partner being dedicated to helping mobile people make full use of fragmented time at leisure.

By adopting most advanced voice recognition technology, the app can grade you on pronunciation and intonation in daily exercise that is designed for learners, such as pinyin input, Chinese Character recognition and tone discerning, which seems like a training partner is always beside you and reminding you of the right pronunciation and intonation all the time.

Thanks for the touch recognition technology, now we have a fantastic Chinese Character writing practice, which contains playing the stroke orders of character and trace over this character by following sample.

By the way, we are expecting more content you need.
Hope you have fun in learning Chinese by TalkingLearn!