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春节(The Spring Festival)

介绍春节的传统习俗 To introduce the traditional customs of the Spring Festival.

春节那些事儿(Let's talk about the Spring Festival)

介绍中国春节特有的春晚、春运、挂灯笼。 To introduce the charicteristics of the Spring Festival in China.

天南地北话春节( The Spring Festival in differen places)

介绍了中国传统春节在不同地方的风俗. To introduce the different Spring Festival customs in different places.

除夕(New Year's Eve)

除夕是指农历每年末最后一天的晚上,即大年初一前夜。是汉族最重要的传统节日之一。家家户户忙忙碌碌清扫庭舍,欢迎家人回家过年。 New Year's Eve is the last night of the whole year and also the previous night of the New Year, which is one of the most important festivals. Every family is busy to clean the house and welcome family members who work out of hometown coming back.

冬至 (Winter Solstice)

冬至是24节气中一个非常重要的节气 Winter Solstice is one of the twenty-four solar terms and a very important solar term in Chinese lunar calendar.

中秋节(Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival)

每年的农历八月十五是中国的传统节日,中秋节。 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Chinese Moon Festival, takes place at the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month,

元宵节(The Festival of Lanterns)

元宵节是在过完年后的正月十五,是中国的传统节日. The Festival of Lanterns takes place at the end of the Chinese New Year Celebration, on the 15th of the first month after the Spring Festival.

和马年说再见(Say goodbye to the Year of Horse)

“再见”是一个再简单不过的词,但是我们却能用9种中文方法来表达。 Goodbye is an extraordinary word but exists 9 ways to express in Chinese (Mandarin). Let's talk about the different expresses of goodbye on different occasions.

马年生肖故事(Story of the Horse Zodiac)

为大家介绍马年生肖的由来. To introduce the story of the horse zodiac.

话羊年,迎元旦(Talk about the Year of Goat and Greet the New Year)

羊在12生肖中排名第八, 2015年是羊年,在羊年出生的人,今年就是他的本命年。 The Goat is the eighth sign of the 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. People who are born in the Year of Goat are considered in the auspicious year in 2015.

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